Are you sure you want to start a blog?

Despite the number of social platforms available, many expat spouses are still drawn to blogging. And I get it. A blog provides a different online environment, one that prioritizes storytelling and journaling beyond the limits of 140 characters. But with this freedom comes responsibility. Don’t forget the decision to start a blog is a big commitment. They also time consuming, tedious to write and require long-term maintenance.

Expat spouse blog graveyard

If you need proof, a quick Google search for “expat spouse blogs” will reveal many truths. In general, the list of results provide links to outdated posts and articles that have lost their relevancy. Further investigation shows that these often neglected websites are reminders of a writer’s past ambitions. Yet, for whatever reason, the authors appear to have lost their enthusiasm to keep writing, leaving abandoned content behind.

Decide if you’re ready to start a blog

So before you go out and register a blogging domain, take a pause and think about the bigger picture. Are you ready for the commitment? How frequent will you post? Can you stick to a schedule? What will you post about? Who’s your audience? Are you comfortable sharing personal stories? Will you continue blogging about your expat life after you’ve returned home?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you determine if writing an expat-themed blog is the right choice. For me, It took almost five years of living overseas before I got The Expat Spouse off the ground. In that time, I’ve realized that most information posted online about the expat spouse lifestyle is overwhelmingly negative. Although yes of course, some aspects of our life are challenging, but that just keeps it interesting!

Leaning into positivity

The Expat Spouse exists to offer a different, more positive perspective on choosing a life overseas. In this space I’ll share stories, lessons learned and information gathered over the years that resonates with our community.

Expect daily blog posts covering relatable expat topics, including: lifestyle, travel and interesting content from our internet friends.

– es