Luxury hotel linens and beds

If you’re planning to bring home a souvenir from your travels, I suggest you forget about keychains, magnets and postcards. Don’t get me wrong, I know that these trinkets make for fun memento’s to adorn your home with. But sometimes it’s worth investing in travel items that you’ll enjoy more than cheap tchotchkes.

Over the years we’ve stayed in countless hotels. Some were certainly better than others, but overall we’ve enjoyed comfortable stays in many different rooms, countries and hotel chains.

For most people, getting a good night’s sleep is essential to having a successful holiday. How else will a person have enough energy to sightsee all day? In my opinion, the best rooms feature black-out curtains, a”cool” setting on the thermostat and a bomb-ass bed.

Luxury in Luxembourg

On our first trip to Luxembourg City we stayed two nights at the Sofitel Luxembourg le Grand Ducal. It was my husband’s birthday so we decided to splurge on a fancy hotel and celebrate. The tastefully decorated room felt warm and inviting and the staff had left a small birthday cake on the desk. Exploration into the bathroom revealed a line of tiny green Hermès bottles filled with fragrant shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

We spent the day exploring the city by bike, returning to the hotel late in the evening. A set of robes & slippers, fine chocolates and freshly brewed night-time tea awaited us. Pampering at it’s finest.

But if you want to talk about luxury… then we need to talk about the bed. It was a cloud of down feathers and plump memory foam complete with satin pillowcases and Egyptian cotton sheets. The soft, cozy textures and fabrics engulfed us and provided and we enjoyed a truly incredible nights sleep.

 Hotel linens at home

Our stay at the Sofitel was wonderful. But if there was only one standout it would be the quality of the hotel’s linens and beds. If only we could recreate that experience at home … oh wait! We can!

For the past few years many luxury hotel brands have made it possible to purchase their signature beds and linens. If you’re a fan of Sofitel, Marriott, W Hotels, The Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons, Hilton or Westin you’re in luck. These high-end companies offer online retail shopping with international delivery, making it easy to buy and ship.

To date, we’ve purchased 6 pillows (yes, six) with matching cases from the Sofitel So Boutique. And each night just before we close our eyes we’re reminded of the trip to Luxembourg City. We haven’t purchased a signature bed yet but we’re hoping to pick one up soon.

So next time you’re considering a travel souvenir, reconsider if you really want another decorative ornament. Like your bed? Buy it!

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