What else? August 3, 2018

Happy Friday, expat spouse! Time for our weekly round-up of articles I’ve found on the internet. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

Strawberry season in Margaritaville

It was Jimmy Buffet who first sang about the idylic land of  Margaritaville. And when the weather warms up, reaching for a cold, frozen drink is a satisfying way to cool down. With summer around the corner, rising temperatures and fresh strawberries in season try blending a tasty strawberry margarita this weekend. (David Lebovitz)

Hamburg on board with (partial) diesel ban

For every three cars on the road in Germany, at least one has a diesel engine. And until 2015, these diesel automobiles had a reputation for being an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline.

But then the Volkswagen emissions scandal happened, and the government accused the company of falsifying data. The real figures revealed that burning diesel fuel actually resulted in the release of high levels of toxic nitrogen oxide. And across Europe this pollution contributed to 400,000 premature deaths annually.

This week Hamburg officials decided that enough was enough. And as of May 31, 2018 they’ll be the first city in Europe to bad diesel drivers on select roads. (CNN Money)

How reliable is your memory?

Last week I wrote about memory recall thorough music, smells and other sensory reminders. My strongest connection is audible, pairing memories with songs or sounds. For this reason, it’s impossible to hear Nancy Sinatra sing “These boots are made for walking” without thinking of Austria. Almost immediately my brain lights up with vivid memories of the Großglockner high-alpine road and a macho motorcyclist.

But what if my memory of that day is different from the actual way it happened? Something to think about. Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus explores the idea of false memories from the TED stage.

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