Meet Brandi

Here’s something that I’ve noticed …

When you Google the phrase “expat spouse” the top three search results are: depression, unhappy and support. Hmm, well that doesn’t sound positive.

But as an expat spouse myself, I’m not surprised.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived abroad one day, one year or one decade. You know that not every moment is blissful. You understand that the reality of living your life away from your home country can be difficult, confusing and lonely. Sure, you’ll be homesick sometimes. And you’ll probably question why you left the comforts and familiarity of your home country. It’s also possible you may experience feelings of depression. That’s normal.

But is that the whole sad, awful story? In my opinion, no. What about the ability to explore somewhere new? Benefit financially? Meet new people? And challenge yourself to grow as a global citizen?

Not to sound dramatic, but being an expat brings great joy to my life.

This unique opportunity allows me to feel like a local resident in countries that I wasn’t born into. Every day is a challenge as I interact with the world in new ways through culture, language and food. And in those challenges I’ve found both personal and professional growth. My life is enriched because of the people I’ve met, places I’ve travelled to and communities I’ve lived in.

Am I the only person, Brandi Sanderson Lunn, who feels this way?

Based on those Google search results, it definitely looks like it.

So why aren’t people searching for happy articles about life as an expat spouse? Where are the humorous expat spouse blogs that write about the quirky details of their day? And why can’t I find light-hearted content that both mocks and celebrates this lifestyle? Frankly, where’s all the positivity?!

OK universe, I hear you. If you can’t find it, you must create it. And this is the reason why I started The Expat Spouse blog.

Let’s get to know each other

My name is Brandi Sanderson Lunn, nice to meet you. I’m the founder and editor of The Expat Spouse blog.

If you look into my purse you’ll find a Canadian passport, a French driver’s license and a German residence card. Proof of an international life. So how did I come to collect these foreign documents? Simple. At the age of twenty-seven I became an expat spouse when I chose to follow my husband’s global career.

What began as a two-year contract in Biscarosse (2012-2013) grew into a four-year extension in Paris (2013-2017). And just when we thought it was time to return to Canada, we continued the adventure by switching countries and moving to Hannover (2017-present). 

Over the last five years I’ve earned my MBA (honours), picked-up conversational french & german and visited 37 countries. I’ve also spent my time as an English teacher, grad student, volunteer, business consultant and blogger.

– es