Are you sure you want to start a blog?

start a blog

Despite the number of social platforms available, many expat spouses are still drawn to blogging. And I get it. A blog provides a different online environment, one that prioritizes storytelling and journaling beyond the limits of 140 characters. But with this freedom comes responsibility. Don’t forget the decision to start a blog is a big commitment. They also time consuming, tedious to write and require long-term maintenance.

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What else? May 18, 2018

Happy Friday, expat spouse! Time for our weekly round-up of articles I’ve found on the internet. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

Upgrade your basic weekend breakfast

In our house we like to sleep in on weekends (remember we don’t have kids). But rolling out of bed after 11:00 is an awkward time. Why? Because you never know if you should make breakfast or lunch! Next time I’m going to try a fancy breakfast option, class it up & call it brunch. (Saveur)

Breaking down the cost of a Royal Wedding

Meghan Markel recently walked down the aisle to marry Prince Harry. The grounds of Windsor acted as the medieval backdrop to grand event and the world watched. It was a fairytale come to life. But how much did it cost? Unfortunately fantasty weddings are expensive. No wonder if they didn’t spring for white doves (Harper’s Bazaar)

London tops International University Rankings

With all the news coverage leading up to the Royal Wedding, it’s made me think a lot about London. Recently the folks over at QS awarded the British capital city top marks for international students pursuing university education. Winning qualities include a strong job market, standard of life and diversity in culture… too bad it’s too expensive to live in. (BBC)

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