Then we went to… Oslo

Beyond the famous fjords

Earlier this month I went to Norway for a little holiday. But before you ask about the famous western fjords, I’ll admit that I didn’t visit them. Did your jaw just drop? I know, I know. But on this particular trip our limited time prevented us from making the journey. Don’t worry, it’s OK. Whatever you do, don’t feel bad for us because we still had a great time without the famous fjords.

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Then we went to… Carcassonne

Then we went to Carcassonne

I love music. Let me clarify, I love listening to music. Most people consider my personal taste in song selections to be “eclectic” at best, and “confusing” at worst. It’s understandable because I’m not picky about genre, language, lyrics or style. A typical playlist can feature the Beatles for breakfast, merengue over lunch and heavy metal before bed. No musical discrimination in our house!

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